Among Local Businesses

  • Encourage your local retailers to carry organic foods, natural cleaning products, and natural cosmetics. Educate your friends and neighbors, and encourage them to buy natural products as well.
  • Ask retailers and manufacturers whether their products are phthalate-free. Consumer questions help to bring about change.
  • Give the cosmetics industry a makeover in your community. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics offers ideas for making change in your community.
  • Let your local salon know about the health effects associated with nail polish. To learn about safer alternatives, visit the Womens Voices for the Earth (WVE)'s Safe Nail and Hair Salons page.
  • Lobby for better labeling of personal care products and cleaning products. To learn more, consult the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Breast Cancer Fund.
  • Check out our Detox Me app for more tips on taking action among local businesses.