ARTS Cards

Arts Cards
When life presented artist Candace Anderson with the unanticipated challenge of breast cancer, she turned to creative expression for healing. These blank, all-occasion cards are the result. They await your personal message!

These watercolor images depict healing metaphors inspired by nature’s elegant cycles. The natural world helped the artist discover lessons in letting go, and became the theme of many paintings during her healing process.

  • Blank, all-occasion cards
  • $20 per set of 12
  • 100% of proceeds go to Silent Spring Institute's breast cancer prevention research

The Art of Healing: A letter from the artist


Artist Candace Anderson describes the cards' metaphors and messages:

Letting Go “The milkweed paintings in the ARTS Cards were the first two in a series depicting pods releasing their seeds – literally ‘letting go.’ Cancer patients are always faced with letting go...letting go of the sense that life will unfold ‘normally’…letting go of the naïve notion that our bodies will always be well…even letting go of precious parts of our own bodies. Caregivers, too, must learn to let go, sometimes letting go of those who are dear. I found that the natural world helped me discover such lessons."


"release""After my mastectomy, I went out into the fields behind my house and started opening up the milkweed pods. I made a ritual of waving the milkweed wands and watching the seeds be released as a way of understanding and embracing the cycles of life. I found that when we let go, we end up creating something new. We find deeper things within ourselves.”


Simple Gifts of Manitou“While it’s common to find feathers lying on the ground, it’s extraordinary to think of the cycles that bring such gifts to us.  Collecting feathers and arranging them as subjects in my watercolor paintings brought the perfection of nature’s cycles to me, and such beauty helped me develop my healing pathway.”


Evening ReflectionsThe shoreline of this lake became a place that inspired healing for me throughout my most challenging days. I reveled in painting the exquisite relationships of the elements of nature...water reflecting sky, reeds embracing rocks, air currents creating strands of light on water. By finding healing in nature, I found healing within myself.”


100% of the proceeds go directly to the breast cancer prevention research of Silent Spring Institute.


Candace Anderson is an award-winning artist and breast cancer survivor whose watercolor paintings depict healing metaphors inspired by nature’s elegant cycles. A Massachusetts resident, she has created ARTS Cards in partnership with Silent Spring Institute.

ARTS Cards are an initiative of ARTS—Art and Research for Transcendence and Survival—a grant-funded project of award-winning artist Candace Anderson and Silent Spring Institute that promotes collaboration between art and education in the service of cancer care and prevention.