Our top 5 tips for the holidays!

Silent Spring Institute

The holidays are a time for celebration and family… Not a time for worrying about how to avoid harmful chemicals. Thankfully, there are simple and easy steps you can take to limit your exposure to toxics. Here’s a list of our favorite tips.

Silent Spring's Top 5!

1. Shop for fragrance-free beauty products

Avoid personal care or beauty products that contain “fragrance” or “parfum”—this is a catch-all term for dozens of potentially hazardous chemicals! And beware of products labeled “unscented,” which typically means that fragrance chemicals were added to mask the smell of other ingredients in the product.

2. Cook with organic ingredients

Preparing a feast for your friends and family? Use organic ingredients—meat, dairy, produce—as much as possible. This will help minimize your exposure to pesticides and hormones.

3. Avoid plastic toys made with PVC

Toys made from soft vinyl plastic (PVC) can leach hormone-disrupting chemicals. Kids are uniquely vulnerable, so it’s important to protect them. Choose toys labelled PVC-free and avoid ones with the recycling code #3. Or, consider toys made of alternative materials like wood.

4. Keep your kitchen well-ventilated

Cooking fumes can contain harmful air pollutants, some of which have been linked with breast cancer and other illnesses. Make sure to use the exhaust fan over your stove or open the windows periodically to air the room out.

5. Stop outdoor toxics at the door with doormats

Shoes can track pesticides and other toxic chemicals into the home. Place a doormat on the outside and inside of your entryway, so when your party guests arrive, any outdoor pollutants will be left on the mats, not on your floors.

If you found this helpful, please forward to other people in your life who may be interested in these tips, and enjoy the holiday season!

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Contributed by Silent Spring Institute