Environmental Defense - Common chemicals linked to breast cancer

May 14, 2014

Excerpt: Breast cancer is a leading killer of women ages 30-55, and the rates of this disease are on the rise. Why?

A new study from the Silent Spring Institute lists 102 chemicals that may contribute to risk of developing the disease. Many of these chemicals are extremely common.

According to the researchers, many of the chemicals are linked to gasoline, vehicle and lawn equipment use, tobacco smoke, and burned or charred food. Some flame retardants and common cleaning chemicals, nonstick coatings, styrene, and chemicals in stain-resistant textiles can also be linked to cancer. In addition to the Silent Sprint study, another common chemical was recently linked to the growth of breast cancer cells in a laboratory setting. Triclosan was declared toxic to the environment by Environment Canada in 2012, and Environmental Defence has been calling for a ban on the substance for more than four years. Yet triclosan is a registered ingredient in over 1,600 products in Canada.

Chemicals and Breast Cancer