WCVB 5 News - Local study to test for common household toxins

February 16, 2017

By: Emily Riemer

Excerpt: Many of the hidden chemicals in products that we use every day have not been tested on humans and they could have significant health risks. 

Sarah Wallach of Weston is careful about the products she uses around her two children, 4-year old Zoey and 3-month old Maisy. It's an awareness that started eight years ago. ...

She recently signed up for Detox Me, a crowd-funded study run by the Silent Spring Institute in Newton. The study will test for the presence of 10 common household toxins.

"We're worried because they can affect reproduction, brain development and even cancer," said Ruthann Rudell, the institute's director of research. ...

Researchers will determine their individual levels of chemicals in two urine samples, including bisphenol A, used to make certain plastics; triclosan, an antibacterial used in products like toothpaste and soap; and butyl paraben, a preservative used in personal care products.

Everyday Chemical Exposures