WCVB 5 News - New study reveals exposure to common household chemicals

September 1, 2017

By: Emily Riemer

Excerpt: "There are more chemicals in our bodies than we may realize, a new study suggests. The results come from research NewsCenter 5 first reported about earlier this year.

With the results now in, most participants showed levels of at least two chemicals, even among those trying to limit their exposure.

NewsCenter 5 first interviewed one of those participants, Sarah Wallach, in February. To reduce her family's exposure to household chemicals, she'd ditched plastic in favor of glass and stainless containers and switched to more natural cleaning options. "For me, this is an investment in myself and my children," Wallach said at the time. ...

Ruthann Rudel, director of research at Silent Spring Institute that conducted the study, said like most participants, Sarah's chemical levels are lower than the average American's.

However, based on urine samples, overall findings show all participants had levels of at least two chemicals of the 14 tested for. All participants showed levels of methyl paraben, a preservative used in cosmetics and personal care products; as well as higher levels of a chemical substitute called bisphenol F, found in plastic bottles and tin cans. ...

Silent Spring Institute is accepting study participants through the end of September. It also offers the "Detox Me" app as a resource for ways to reduce everyday chemical exposure.

For more information about the study and the app, click here."

Everyday Chemical Exposures