WGBH - How Those Chemicals Ended Up in My Body (And How I Can Get Rid of Them)

October 11, 2017

By: Heather Goldstone and Elsa Partan

Excerpt: "Silent Spring Institute is a Massachusetts-based research organization that’s trying to understand how synthetic chemicals in our environment impact our health. We know there are many such chemicals in our furniture, our cosmetics, our cleaners, and even our drinking water. 

One key piece of information that’s often missing is how much of any given chemical we actually have in our bodies. Earlier this year, they launched a crowd-sourced study to measure the levels of 14 common household chemicals in the urine of hundreds of people.

Living Lab Radio host Heather Goldstone signed up to be one of them, and invited lead scientist Ruthann Rudel to her house to go over the results. Silent Spring Institute’s crowd-sourced project is called DetoxMe."


Everyday Chemical Exposures