National media brings attention to hormones in drinking water and consumer products

In June 2009, the Endocrine Society released a Scientific Statement, which presents evidence that endocrine disruptors affect male and female reproduction, breast development and cancer, prostate cancer, neuroendocrinology, the thyroid, metabolism, obesity, and cardiovascular endocrinology and has been featured in national media.

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Nicholas Kristof
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New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Nicholas Kristof described how endocrine disruptors in water are causing genital malformations in male animals and humans on the Colbert Report.

Click here to read Kristof's column on pollution and endocrine development or here to read his column on phthalates in the New York Times.

National Public Radio's Tom Ashbrook spoke with R. Thomas Zoeller, one of the authors of the Endocrine Society's scientific statement, and Lynn Goldman, a pediatrician and epidemiologist, in the show On Point: Danger in the water — endocrine disruptors, and their long reach.

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