Tip Sheet: 5 Tips to Reduce Toxic Flame Retardants at Home

Tip Sheet: 5 Tips to Reduce Toxic Flame Retardants at Home

Consumer products such as furniture, textiles, and electronics often contain chemical flame retardants. These chemicals can come out of products into house dust where people are exposed. Many of these chemicals have been linked to cancer or hormone disruption, or have not been adequately tested for safety.

Go natural.

Choose naturally flame-resistant materials such as wool, polyester, and down.

If it’s ripped, fix it.

Make sure foam is not exposed in furniture.

Keep down dust.

Vacuum regularly with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a HEPA filter. Wipe surfaces with wet cloth or mop.

Wash hands frequently.

Studies have shown hand washing reduces the amount of flame retardants that enter our bodies.

Buy snug pajamas for children.

Sleepwear for children 9 months and older is subject to flammability tests. Look for this tag to avoid pajamas with flame retardants.

Take Action!

You can help change California's furniture flammability standard by contacting state officials about this law. For more information, visit Green Science Policy Institute. At the national level, Congress is considering the Safe Chemicals Act to make sure chemicals are tested for safety before going into use. To learn more, visit Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families. Learn more about keeping your home healthy at www.silentspring.org/take-action.

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