Tip Sheet: 7 Tips to Reduce Exposure to Likely Breast Carcinogens

7 Tips to Reduce Exposure to Likely Breast Carcinogens

A wide variety of everyday chemicals cause mammary tumors in animals. That’s worrisome evidence the chemicals may increase breast cancer risk. While scientists continue to learn more about how these chemicals affect humans, there is enough information to reduce our exposures now.

Lessen exposure to fumes from gasoline and to exhaust from diesel or other fuel combustion. Support anti-idling and fuel efficiency regulations.

Use a ventilation fan when you cook, and limit consumption of burned or charred food.

Find a dry-cleaner who doesn’t use PERC or other solvents; ask for “wet cleaning.”

Use a solid carbon block drinking water filter. Help keep your drinking water clean by protecting source waters.

Avoid stain-resistant rugs, furniture and fabrics. Tell retailers and manufacturers you don’t want PFCs in your home—or in the Arctic, where these persistent chemicals build up.

Ask for furniture that doesn't contain flame retardants, including in the foam. If flame retardant free foam isn't available, choose furniture made from naturally flame-resistant fabrics and padding such as wool, hemp, polyester, latex, down, or leather. Choose rug pads made from felt, jute, or rubber rather than foam.

Since chemicals accumulate in house dust, remove shoes at the door, vacuum with a HEPA filter, and clean with a damp rag or mop.

None of us can prevent breast cancer alone. Organizations like Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families can help you take national action. Learn more here.

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