Springboard: News and Notes from Silent Spring Institute


Spring 2018

“Hair products for Black women contain mix of hazardous ingredients”
Also in this issue:
Private well study on Cape Cod
What do you see?
Ruthann Rudel joins EPA science advisory committee
Job opening in software engineering


Winter 2018

“Engaging high school students in environmental health: A young scientist makes an impact”
Also in this issue:
Kick-off: New research center on pollutants in drinking water
Go Fragrance-free
Silent Spring Institute announces new board chair
Job opening in fundraising and development


Fall 2017

“Environmental chemicals and breast cancer--new study reveals strength of the evidence”
Also in this issue:
Federal panel takes action on class of flame retardants
Study looks at sources of toxic chemicals in “green” buildings
October 26: Silent Spring's Annual Gala Celebration
Clean and healthy flooring


Summer 2017

“The results of our biomonitoring study are in!”
Also in this issue:
College students highly exposed to flame retardants on campus
National Academies releases new report on endocrine disruptors
October 26: Silent Spring's Annual Gala Celebration
Back-to-School Basics


Spring 2017

“Cancer Study on "Bad Luck Mutations" Muddies the Waters… Again”
Also in this issue:
Environmental Chemicals Highlighted at Cancer Meeting
Garden with Care
Boston Philanthropist Was an Early Supporter of Silent Spring
New Job Opening in Fundraising  and Development


Winter 2017

“Fast food packaging contains potentially harmful chemicals that can leach into food”
Also in this issue:
What's Inside You?
Beat the Wrap



Fall 2016

“It All Adds Up: Our Collective Exposure to Toxic Chemicals in the Environment”
Also in this issue:
Coming Soon! The Detox Me™ Action Kit on Indiegogo
Go Flame Retardant-Free