Susan S. Bailis Breast Cancer Research Fund

Established in 1998 by Susan Bailis, a respected leader in Boston’s health care community, the Susan S. Bailis Breast Cancer Research Fund provides flexible financial resources for Silent Spring Institute. The Institute needs these unrestricted funds to advance new research to identify possible environmental factors in breast cancer.

Susan Bailis was an eloquent champion of the need to pursue a path to breast cancer prevention. She supported innovative breast cancer research designed to identify possible environmental factors of the disease. When she succumbed to breast cancer in 2000 after an eight-year struggle, Susan left a legacy of hope for countless women and families. Her commitment to ensuring a healthier future for generations to come continues through the research fund that bears her name. The Bailis Fund supports Silent Spring Institute’s pioneering research. It was the Bailis Fund, in fact, that made possible the Institute’s Household Exposure Study, which provided the first measurements of certain pollutants in indoor air.

Contributors to the Bailis Fund help to ensure that Silent Spring Institute can continue its work at the forefront of breast cancer prevention research.

“There’s nothing in the research that can change my situation, with metastatic breast cancer,” Bailis said on Mother’s Day 1998, at the founding dinner of the Susan S. Bailis Breast Cancer Research Fund. “But there is the hope that the research that Silent Spring is doing can make a difference for my daughter, her daughter, and the thousands of daughters that come after her.”