Take Inspiration

The relentless stream of news about toxics in our environment can sometimes feel overwhelming. At the same time, complacency can grow. The obstacles are too great, we tell ourselves; the struggle is futile.

Yet living in an environmental soup is not inevitable. We can take steps to protect our families and ourselves, as well as the greater families of our communities and our world.

Many women and men have stepped beyond fear and complacency to take action. Some have been inspired by the revelation of their own cancer, others by the threat of harm to their loved ones.

Here we offer not only an innovative model for activist-scientist alliances, but also profiles of a number of advocates who have worked against the seeming inevitability of compromised environments. At Silent Spring Institute we take inspiration from the words and deeds not just of Rachel Carson, the woman who single-handedly sparked the modern environmental movement, but also all those who walk along her bold path.